So, Who's In Charge Of Your Birth?

Learn the options for your childbirth that no one's telling you about

Are you lost when it comes to all there is to know about labor and childbirth? Do you know what your options are? Back up a second... did you even know you had options?

I can't count how many women I've talked to who felt their birth had to be a certain way.

There are an awful lot of opinions, myths... confusion! That's why I created this site:

I want you to be able to make your own educated decisions.

I'll walk with you, empowering you to decide for yourself your "ideal birth experience."

Maybe you're planning to go all natural. Maybe you think that's crazy and you want all the pain relief you can get. Either way, explore your options here.

So, What Type of Info Will You Find Here?

Not a whole bunch of opinions and rumors! You'll find evidence-based information on things like:

• Pain relief options for labor

• Choosing a Care Provider (obstetrician vs midwife - what's the difference, anyway?)

• Creating a birth plan for the type of labor and delivery you're hoping for

• Inducing labor- why and how?

• Common procedures during childbirth

• Choosing where to have your baby

Here you can explore all your options. Decide what you feel is best as you welcome your new baby into the world!

I understand where you are. I know how hard it can be to figure it all out. You hear one thing from one person, and another from someone else. So and so thinks you should do that. Your mom says that's not a good idea...

I'm here to help you cut through the noise. Then you can make your own decisions based on facts, not on fear or misconception.

So come on in. Let me help you through the maze of options available to you!


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