Essential Oils For Labor
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Top 8 Essential Oils for Labor

Essential oils for labor can be just the ticket if you’re looking for safe, healthy options for a great labor. Not only can essential oils help relieve pain, but they can also help keep you relaxed and grounded to help your labor progress well. There are even essential oils that can help with stalled labor. Here are some great ways to use essential oils for labor.

 Oil Warning!

Are you sure the essential oils you are using are safe? Not all oils are created equal!

Find out how to choose safe essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil- Lavender is a very versatile essential oil you can use all throughout your labor to promote relaxation and help relieve pain. You can even use it to help heal any bruising your baby may have gotten during birth.

Frankincense Essential Oil- Frankincense is an amazing essential oil for labor. Use it to calm your emotions by inhaling the aroma. It helps relieve pain by rubbing the oil onto the lower back or on your tummy. Also, if you tear “down there” you can apply frankincense directly to the area to help with pain and healing.

Helichrysum Essential Oil- Helichrysum essential oil is great to use on your perineum during delivery to prevent trauma and tearing. It helps prevent swelling for you and also the baby as it comes through the birth canal. You can just use a small amount of helichrysum with a carrier oil and rub it on. This is great to use in combination with a ginger compress on your perineum.

Peppermint Essential Oil- You can smell peppermint essential oil to relieve nausea during labor. This oil is also helpful to relieve the pain from back labor. Just massage on your lower back.

Myrrh Essential Oil- Put a drop of myrrh on the baby’s umbilical cord stump to help it to dry and fall off faster. Inhaling the aroma of myrrh can also get a stalled labor going again.

Clary Sage Essential Oil- Clary Sage is a versatile essential oil for labor. It causes more effective contractions, so you can put a few drops on your inner ankles to keep labor progressing well. You can also try this as a natural way to induce labor. It can also be used to reduce pain and aid in circulation.

Rose Essential Oil- Rose essential oil for labor is relaxing and helps soften ligaments. This helps your pelvis to expand more easily for the baby to pass through. You can put a few drops in a bath or use it with a massage for the lower back or abdomen.

Jasmine Essential Oil- Jasmine helps relieve pain and also causes more effective contractions. Use with massage on lower back or abdomen.

Essential oils have an endless number of uses for overall health. So it makes sense that using essential oils for labor can be just as helpful. Give them a try. You may be surprised.


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