Am I In Labor?

by Agie

Question: I have been given two different due dates from ultrasounds. I think I'm about 35 weeks along right now, but I feel like I'm having serious labor contractions. I've lost my mucus plug and my cervix is effaced and dilated. I'm also having pelvic pains. I'm really confused, please help.

Answer: The only way to know for sure if contractions are real labor is to wait and see if the contractions become regular and establish a good pattern. Losing your mucus plug isn't a good indicator of labor because it's not uncommon to lose your plug a couple weeks before labor. Also, the body can create another mucus plug. The same goes for cervical changes- some women dilate weeks before labor.

Because you are only 35 weeks along, I definitely recommend calling your doctor or midwife if you think you may be having labor signs. He or she may want you to come in and get checked to see what's going on. It's never a bad idea to check with your provider any time you aren't sure of something, especially labor.

Good luck with your labor. I know confusing signs can be really frustrating!

All the Best,

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