Baby's Low and I'm Dilated- What's It Mean?

by Basheera
(Troy, New York)

Question: I'm 39 weeks pregnant. My doctor says I'm 4cm dilated and my cervix is back but the baby's head is very low. What's that mean?

Answer: Sounds like your body is preparing nicely for labor. Before labor begins, babies usually engage in the pelvis, which means they slip down into the pelvic opening and the head rests on the cervix, which causes the cervix to dilate. So, when your doc says baby is very low that's a great sign- the baby is engaged in the pelvis, preparing for labor. The fact that you are dilating and the baby is also engaged tells you that labor will be here before too long.

Unfortunately, you can't tell exactly when you'll go into labor. But, you can recognize the signs that your body is getting ready and it should be soon. Hopefully for you, your baby will be here in the next few days :)

As for your cervix being "back," I can only assume what she's referring to. It sounds like she is saying your cervix is tilted to the back. Each of our bodies is different. Some women have a cervix that tilts toward the back of our body. Or, your cervix might just be far "back" meaning it's hard to find during a vaginal exam because it's located toward the back of your body. It's nothing to be concerned with. It's simply an observation.

Good Luck!


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