Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

by Melanie

Question:Firstly let me comment on what a wonderfully helpful and interesting site this is, congratulations!!

I have read about essential oils that can help throughout labour and was just wondering if, when using the following oils for massage or rubbing onto ankles/back/abdomen, they needed to be mixed with a carrier oil.

Frankincense, Clary Sage, Rose and Jasmine.

Also I have an almond oil from the Biotique Botanicals range, would this be good to use as the carrier oil?

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes and once again Congratulations!!!


Answer:Thank you Melanie for your kind words!

Although it is not absolutely necessary to use a carrier oil with these oils, I recommend it- especially for massage.

Essential oils are extremely potent, so you don't need to use as much as would be required to make it easy to massage over the skin. If you just put a couple drops into a carrier oil, it's easy to do a massage and you are using enough oil to affect the body.

Some oils need a carrier oil because they are "hot" or "cold" and can be uncomfortable on the skin. Using a carrier dilutes the oil so your skin isn't so sensitive to it.

The oils you mentioned don't usually cause skin sensitivity, so as I said before, you don't absolutely need a carrier. It's just easier if you're using it for massage.

If you only need a couple drops for a small area, you don't really need a carrier. For example, if you want to increase contractions using clary sage, you can just rub a couple drops onto the ankles. But if you're rubbing frankincense all over the back to help with pain, use a carrier. That way, you have an easier massage and you conserve this expensive oil.

There are many oils you can use for a carrier. Almond oil is a fine choice. You can also use olive, sunflower, jojoba, grapeseed or others. I use fractionated coconut oil.I choose this one because it's pure with no fillers and the molecular structure aids the absorption of the essential oils.

I'm thrilled you like the site!

Happy Oiling!

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