I Don't Want to Miss My Daughter's Birth!

by Donna
(San Tan Valley, AZ USA)

Question: My daughter is 40 weeks, 2 days with her second child. She lost her mugus plug yesterday. I am 7 hours away. Should I leave today? Her next appointment is in 2 days and she will be induced soon after if not in labor. Have not talked to her yet today. I am working and need to know if I should go to work. I work an hour away from my home so that would make it 8 hours away and I will be driving. I want to make sure I am there in time. What do you think?

Answer: That's a tough one Donna, and I don't have a solid answer for you :( I know what you're going through. I've had to travel to several births for doula clients out of state, and it's always a juggling act trying to decide when to leave. It's really a gamble. I've missed a couple births this way.

She could go into labor soon, but losing her mucus plug is really no indicator. I'd say your best bet is to evaluate how much time you are able to take off work and go from there. If you are able to miss work with no problem, it wouldn't hurt to head her way today- although realize that you very well may be rushing out there to sit and wait a few more days.

If she is having any sort of early labor signs now, I would definitely say to go soon. I'm sorry I can't give you a more clear answer!

Good luck to you and your daughter!!


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