Is the mucus plug exclusive to pregnancy?

by Gabrielle
(Oregon, USA)

Question:Does your body only produce a mucus plug when you're pregnant?

Answer:Yes, we only have a mucus plug when we are pregnant. The purpose of the mucus plug is to protect the baby from infection in the womb.

The cervix produces mucus regularly, pregnant or not, as we cycle through fertility each month. The purpose of mucus when we're not pregnant is to help sperm to reach the egg, thus creating a new baby. That's why we can feel that extra amount of mucus around ovulation in a normal cycle. This normal mucus outside of pregnancy isn't the same as the mucus plug though.

The mucus plug is a thick chunk of mucus basically creating a block in the cervix. When we aren't pregnant, the cervix remains closed for the most part and there's no need for that plug.

Great question Gabrielle!


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