Mucus Plug and Pelvic Pain

by Ariana
(Asheville, NC)

Question:I'm 35 weeks along and I've been losing a little bit of mucus at a time, but not a lot. Is that OK? What does that mean?

My pelvis has been killing me! Sometimes I can hardly walk. What does that mean?

Answer: It is pretty common to lose bits of your mucus plug at a time, rather than all at once. In fact, to be blunt, the last few weeks of pregnancy can be just pretty goopy in general.

As for the pelvic pain... I feel for you! What's happening is your ligaments are softening up in your pelvis.

This is natural and happens because your pelvic bones actually move and separate when baby comes through during birth. That's how your body makes room for something as large as a baby to come through such a small space.

Unfortunately, this softening can cause pain. Sometimes, it does hurt so bad you can barely move :(

It could also be your baby putting pressure on a nerve or sitting a little funky inside your pelvis.

There are a lot of aches and pains you can feel as you get closer and closer to birth. Between your baby growing bigger and bigger and your body getting looser and looser, you can end up pretty uncomfortable.

The good news is you only have a few weeks left! Hang in there!!

Happy Birthing!

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Pelvic pain and dilation
by: Bonnie

I totally agree with your answer, Stephanie. I would just add, from my own personal experience with 3 pregnancies, that it's a good idea to make sure your doctor knows about the pelvic pain and checking for any early dilation.

I had ALOT of pelvic/upper leg pain for the last 6 weeks (and tons of contractions) but I was also walking around at 2 cm most of the time. My OB was making sure that it was not changing more too early.

Some OBs don't do a cervical check this late in pregnancy unless you have concerns. And i'm glad I shared with my OB what I was feeling with my 3rd baby at 39 weeks--increase in leg pain and discomfort. Just so happened I was sitting in her office at 6 cm. No wonder my legs were hurting! Needless to say, I had the baby that day--thankfully in the hospital, rather than in the car.

Some mommies dilate faster than others and it's good to know where you are at if you feel an increase in discomfort.

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