Sample Birth Plan Letter

Here's a sample birth plan letter. You can write your birth plan any way you want. Writing it in letter form is just one option.

If you're having your baby in a hospital, you'll want to include your preferences for which hospital procedures you do and don't want for you and your baby.

Birth Plan Letter

I, _____, am preparing to give birth at home. My midwife is _____, who is honestly supportive of my choices.

My support team includes my husband, _____, and my doula, _____. We plan on calling (our midwife) when labor has been very active for an hour. I do not want to have my cervix checked unless it becomes necessary.

Because I am having a drug-free birth, I would like to use a shower, walking, birth ball, or a tub to control pain.

I will be prepared with my own food and drinks. I do not want anybody allowed in the house besides my support team and midwives.

I will control my pushing efforts. I will assume any position that is comfortable for me to give birth in, including squatting, on my hands and knees, in the shower, or I may decide to have a waterbirth.

I would like to wait to cut the umbilical cord until it stops pulsing. I want my baby immediately placed upon my chest and left there at all times. I would like to immediately start breast-feeding and not have my baby taken for measurements until after the first hour. I would like to have my husband and I to give our baby her first bath.

Thank you for honoring our feelings regarding the birth of our child and for your assistance at our birth.

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